Unity, Community, Achievement, Possibility


The UCAP School opened its doors in 1989, as “The Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program,” to balance the scale for students at risk of dropping out. We are the only middle school in Rhode Island to partner with other school districts to identify and help students catch up with their grade and return to high school prepared and ready for success.

Our supportive learning community has helped over 2,000 Rhode Island middle school students through personalized, enriched journeys.

Our Team

UCAP’s teachers and staff are highly trained and keenly focused on helping students learn at an accelerated pace while building self-esteem and character. We inspire their learning, tap into their creativity, and help them realize their potential.

Our Community

Our students are supported by the whole community, including area businesses, parents, and other community members. Our generous donors make it possible for UCAP to offer them unique opportunities outside of school.  This support system shows students that we believe in them and value their individual successes.

Regaining Confidence

Students who have fallen behind in school may have lost confidence and belief in themselves. Those same children who once dreamed of becoming astronauts and leaders suddenly lose faith and lower their expectations, discouraging their efforts. This downward spiral leads to higher incidences of dropping out, a barrier for future success.

While schools work hard to help students who are at risk, our current system leaves too many behind. UCAP is their safety net. We believe in the promise of every child.  Our approach re-energizes each student, helping them regain confidence and return to high school ready to begin a brighter future.

Our Approach

The UCAP School provides what most urban schools are not able to offer to students who face socio-economic challenges including early and intensive intervention, accelerated learning opportunities, personal attention to students’ needs in a small-school environment and extended learning and social growth opportunities through Beyond U programs.

Early and Intensive Intervention

Most intervention programs are geared towards high school students. At UCAP, we intervene sooner. Students first show signs of being at risk in middle and elementary school. The single greatest predictor of a student dropping out of school is repeating a grade: 60% of students accepted by UCAP have repeated at least one grade.

UCAP reaches out to students completing the 6th grade who are not doing well in school. We respond quickly and involve the student’s parents, including making home visits. Through early and intensive intervention, UCAP students receive support in overcoming their struggles. In welcoming and supporting students, we make school a place they want to be. We reduce absenteeism. Through a variety of enrichment and supportive activities, such as Beyond U, we emphasis social learning, building relationships with adults and students, and give students opportunities to accelerate their learning.

Accelerated Learning

Since its founding in 1989, UCAP has understood that students learn at their own pace and should move on as soon as they truly understand the topic, instead of being forced to move up because of their age. UCAP students accelerate by demonstrating their skills and knowledge and meeting grade level standards.  Today, UCAP’s approach is recognized as a best practice in many schools.

Personal attention to each student’s needs

At UCAP, students are at the center of all that we do. Here, student learning is a personalized, enriched experience that is supported by caring adults in school and in the community. The UCAP School’s staff, students and families are united in our mission to help students learn how to learn and to gain the skills necessary to succeed in high school.

UCAP’s personalized approach begins with a visit to the student’s home, before they begin attending our school. This gives staff an opportunity to get to know the student and their family and understand their goals and challenges.

Adult relationships matter. Time is devoted to helping students develop positive relationships with their teachers, who become role models.

Students participate in advisory groups along with a small group of students to help build each student’s strengths and support their needs.

Beyond U - Extended social learning and enrichment opportunities

Our Beyond U programs are funded by the Fund for UCAP through a combination of grants and private donations. Beyond U provides out-of-school time programming to support our students’ academic and social needs. The Beyond U Director coordinates a wide range of activities to boost students’ school experience and keep them engaged in a safe and nurturing environment.

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The teachers and staff never gave up on me.

Jesus Nunez, former UCAP student

Freshman at Johnson & Wales University studying business administration